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How to Scan a document and create a PDF using your...
Sherene McDougall

iPhone (Notes)

• Go to the Notes app

• Tap the camera symbol, then tap Scan Documents

• Place your document in view of the phone’s camera

• If the auto-mode is enabled, your document will scan automatically. If you need to capture a scan manually, tap on the round capture button

• Once captured, you can drag the corners to fit the page. You can then add additional pages or save when done.

• Click the Share icon to email or text the document to yourself.


• Open the Google Drive app

• In the bottom right, tap Add

• Tap on the camera icon to scan

• Take a photograph of the document that you’d like to scan

• Adjust by tapping on the crop icon, re-scan, or add additional pages as required

• When you’re ready tap Done.

Adobe Scan is available as a free app for both iPhones and Android devices. The app has a text-recognition (OCR) feature built-in, useful if you’re scanning filings for your court filing which must be text-searchable. It will automatically store your scans in the Adobe Document Cloud so this is convenient if your firm uses the desktop Adobe Acrobat software.

• After downloading the app, open the app, hold it above your document, wait for the capture

• Follow the on-screen hints. The app uses auto-crop and image cleaning, so once you are satisfied with the output, hit Save.

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