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How to Create Internal Links in PDFs with Adobe Ac...
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1. Open up the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat.

2. Go to Tools>Edit PDF

3. On the Edit PDF toolbar, click on the "Link" drop-down

4. Select "Add/edit web or document link"

5. Next your cursor will change to a + sign, scroll over the text you want to link to shape a box

6. The "Create Link box opens up, select the following:

Under Link Appearance>select Link Type [invisible rectangle] from drop-down box

Under Highlight Style> select [Invert] from drop-down box

Under Link Action>select the action that you want from those listed [Go to a page view]

7. Click Next

8. Scroll to the content you want to link to

9. "Go to View" box will remain on the screen

10. Click "Set link"

11. Until you close "Edit PDF", the blue lines around content will be displayed.

12. When you hover over the content your pointer should change to a fist.

Test to see that the link works.

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