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Paralegal certification
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Hi Nadine, I agree. In my opinion, a certificate is not necessary for you to be successful at your job. It's a matter of personal preference and for your own professional development and to make yourself marketable. It is also not a requirement for many states. When I moved into the role of a paralegal I was not certified. I work in the VA area as an in-house paralegal. I decided that it would be beneficial to me to acquire a paralegal certificate (learn the court structure, how to properly research, do legal writing etc) and it would also show my employer that I was interested in my career and my professional development.

I took an accelerated virtual online Paralegal Studies class at George Mason University as this was more convenient for me due to my working hours. I was recently told that my paralegal program was not ABA compliant. However, I do not know why that should be a criteria for a paralegal program. Many lawyers pass the bar but do not become members of the ABA, does this make them less of a lawyer?

Maybe other members can chime in with their thoughts.

Hello! I currently work as a Legal Specialist for a bank which is a position I was promoted into after learning the work. I am not certified. I have been told by multiple people that a certificate isn't necessary for me to be successful at my job. However, I would really love to have one under my belt in case I ever decide to move to another practice area in the Legal department or to another company. I'm looking for a program that is entirely virtual, can be done in conjunction with a 40-60 hour work week, and is well regarded. Would love to hear suggestions for programs or for other criteria I should consider when choosing a program. I'd also love to hear your thoughts on whether a program should be ABA compliant. I went to an informational webinar and they said they're not ABA compliant and that they thought it was unnecessary. Thank you!

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