Requirements to Sit for the Paralegal Advanced Competency Exam (PACE)

To be eligible to take PACE, each candidate must meet both education and work experience requirements. In addition, the paralegal cannot have been convicted of a felony nor be under suspension, termination, or revocation of a certificate, registration, or license by any entity. Categories of eligibility include paralegals who have:

  • An Associate's Degree in Paralegal Studies obtained from an institutionally-accredited and/or ABA approved Paralegal Education Program; and six (6) years substantive paralegal experience; or
  • A Bachelor's Degree in any course of study and three (3) years of substantive paralegal experience; or
  • A Bachelor's Degree and completion of a paralegal program with an institutionally-accredited school - said paralegal program may be embodied in a Bachelor's Degree - and two (2) years substantive paralegal experience; or
  • Have four (4) years of substantive paralegal experience on or before December 31, 2000; or
  • Are an active duty, retired, or former military personnel qualified in a military operation specialty as a paralegal and 1.0 hour of Ethics CLE within the year preceding the exam application.